In 1998, a group of entrepreneurial bankers set out to build the best business bank in Texas. They had deep roots in the local banking industry and a passion for service that had been forgotten by the larger banks.

Others believed in their mission, allowing them to raise a record $80 million in start-up capital, the most for a new financial institution at that time. In 2003, the company completed a successful IPO and now trades on NASDAQ® under the ticker symbol TCBI. Since then, Texas Capital Bank has been one of the fastest growing and most successful financial institutions in the country with clients from coast to coast.

In our time the bank has had three CEOs: Jody Grant (1998—2008), George Jones (2008—2013) and Keith Cargill (2013—present). In 2015, they sat down with founding members Vince Ackerson and David Cargill to reminisce about the early days of this great American success story. To view this conversation, click on the video to the right.

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